Savya Home Apex Chair Review: Features, Pros and Cons

It is essential to have a comfortable chair in your office. This will enable you to work properly and have a relaxing day. Sometimes it becomes hectic to spend a long time in the office. To do this, you will require a chair that can give you comfort during office hours. On the other hand, many of us have spine problems. This is why you should choose a chair that can reduce your health issues to some extent. You must always go with the branded ones. They will give you a long term service.

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The top features of Savya Home Apex Chairs:

Savya Home is engaged in the work of manufacturing high-quality office chairs. They produce office chairs that are comfortable and good for your health so that people can stay fit and relaxed while sitting. They try to devote the best-quality of materials manufacturing the chairs. This is why people prefer to buy their products online. In this part, you will learn about the top features of the Savya Home Apex chairs. Let us explore it in the best possible manner.

  • Unique design:

One of the best things for which the company is well-known is their designs. They design the chair in such a manner that you can relax and rest your back area. They make the back area much bigger and broader for the people to rest. This is good about the chair.

  • Proper headrest placement:

On the other hand, the chair provides a proper headrest area. The headrest area can be adjusted in two ways. You can also increase the height of this area as per your comfort level. It is because of the swivel mechanism. It will allow you to adjust the headrest as per your convenience.

  • Area for simple height adjustment:

You can also increase and adjust the height of the chair. Sometimes, you may have to increase the height, and in some places, it needs to be lowered. It is very easy on this chair. You can do this, with the help of a pneumatic seat adjustment level. Apart from this, by lowering the level of the chair, you can turn it into a rocking chair. The tilt adjustment knob is something interesting and you can easily handle it. With the advanced ones it becomes easy to carry out the adjustment of the chair.

  • Comfortable seat:

This chair also provides a comfortable seat for the users. You will get a soft cushion that will give you constant support. These seats are good for long working hours. It is found that the seat of the chair is estimated to be about 2 inches thick. This is perfect for the users. You can enjoy the lifetime of the seat for about ten years.

  • Strong steel base:

The chair comes with a strong steel base. It also comes with a sturdy design. There is no wobble in this model. The steel base of this chair has been tested several times. This is a good thing. The casters are made of good-quality nylon material. They are durable.

  • Adjustable armrest:

Another great thing about this chair is that it has a suitable and comfortable armrest area. You can adjust the armrest area as per your convenience. There are five positions through which you can adjust the armrest area of the chair. This chair has a soft top on the armrest area that will give you comfort while you keep your arm in that spot. There are many things special about the armrest area of the chair.

  • Control knob:

You will also get a control knob with the chair that will control the chair  will allow you to adjust it accordingly. This is one of the best features possessed by this chair. It is rarely available in other chairs and models.

Pros of Saviya Home Apex chairs:

There are many things special about these chairs. Let us find it out.

  • It comes with a smart look, which is ideal for the modern working culture. You can use it at any corporate house. This is a positive aspect of the model.
  • The backrest area is much more comfortable and wider. You can sit and relax your back area on this part of the chair. It will give you comfort and relaxation for a long period of time.
  • The armrest area of the chair is another specialty of the model. It is cushioned and allows you to rest for a long time. You can also adjust this part as per your convenience. This is another primary advantage of using this chair. Your long and hectic office hours will become better in this chair.
  • It comes with easy and smooth height adjustment techniques. You can easily increase and adjust it by handling or operating the swivel mechanisms. They are much more convenient and better. This is not found in every chair.
  • It comes with a metal base that makes the chair much stronger and more durable. The company never compromises on the quality of the chair. It always tries to deliver the products with good-quality materials. This is why most people prefer buying office chairs under this brand.
  • It has a strong and durable base, which is great about this chair. It has a good weight capacity. This chair can tolerate a weight of up to 125 kg.

Cons of Savya Apex chairs

It has some minor cons. Let us find it out.

  • It would have been better if the assembling process of the chair was made a little easier for the users.
  • It could have helped the buyers if the warranty period of the chair was extended a little bit for the consumers.

Final thoughts:

An office and its employees can smoothly work if they have all the essential tools and accessories. Of these, chairs are the most vital ones. You must always focus on providing the best-quality chairs for office use. This will increase the productivity rate of the employees. They can stay relaxed during the office hours.

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