How to Decorate a Plastic Chair?

If you have an ordinary plastic chair in your home, you must want to give it a new look. This is natural. A good and nicely decorated chair can change the look of your house to a great extent. Plastic chairs are cheaper than wooden ones. If you have a low budget, you can go for the plastic chairs and decorate in the best possible manner. You can try something new for the chair. Decorating the plastic chair can add glow and beauty to your room. You can also try some innovative ideas and concepts.

Tips on decorating a plastic chair:

decorate plastic chair

In this part, you will learn some of the best tips and ideas on decorating a plastic chair. Let us try to explore some of the essential facts and concepts of decorating a plastic chair.

=> The first thing you can do is purchasing a glossy paint and change the color of the chair. If you wish, you can also use spray paint on the chair. This will add a new look to the chair, and you will love to use it. You can also lie down and drop cloth or painter’s plastic in the well-ventilated area of the chair.

=> It would help if you waited till the paint gets dried. Never try anything new until and unless the paint is dried, or else everything will be destroyed.

=> You can also adopt the process of stenciling on the plastic chair. You have to place a large stencil on the black chair and tap it around with masking tape. You need to drape the chair with painter’s plastic, so the paint does not stick on it. Now hold the plastic spray nozzle about 12 inches from the surface of the chair.  It would help if you sprayed directly over the stencil.

=> You can use some designer stickers on the plastic chairs. This will add extra glow and beauty to the chair. It would if help if you were careful while sticking those stickers on the chair. If it is wrongly placed, the chair may look bad.

=> You can first paint the chair with white color and then decoupage it with book covers. This will give a new look to the chair and the little ones will love it. The little ones can use it for their work.

=> Sometimes you can use fabric colors to paint designs on the chair. You can make out some innovative designs and apply the same to the chair. This will make your plastic chair attractive and unique from the other ones.  If you want, you can also add a vintage look to the plastic chair. These are new things loved by an average number of people.

=> One of the simple ways to decorate a plastic chair is to put a fabric cover. You can use good-quality fabric for decorating the chair.

So, you have ample ways and ideas to decorate a plastic chair. You have to bring those ideas from your mind and apply it to the chair. Your simple work can enhance the look of an ordinary chair.

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