How to Check Quality of a Plastic Chair in India?

Chairs are an essential item for every home and complete the furniture set. And especially plastic chairs, which are sorted as complete package furniture that is lightweight and portable due to the design.

Because plastic is a material that does not break when used or dropped several times hence can be used easily for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Furthermore, these chairs come in different types and sizes and buy the ones that appeal to you the most. You can even buy these chairs without or with armrests according to your requirements.

Due to being affordable and lightweight, the demand for plastic chairs is on the rise. There is also pressure on manufacturers to meet the low demands of each user’s budget. In most cases, many chair suppliers are so focused on trying to deal with the demand that they compromise on quality.

How to Check Quality of a Plastic Chair in India?

However, before opting for a plastic chair in India, make sure they meet all safety standards and most importantly ensure the quality of the products. Third-party testing and certification of safety is the best way to assure buyers about the quality of furniture. Keep reading to know more about third-party certification and furniture testing. After checking such certifications and tests, you will be assured that the product quality wise is much better.

1. EN581 Test

In order to check the quality of any plastic chair, you can check the product you’re going to choose to meet with the EN581 test. This is a European standard test that provides certification to added assurance of quality to give added value for money. It is a standards test in which manufacturers are bound to assure about their product in terms of strength, dimensions, safety and stability.

It also offers guidelines on the sturdiness of seating, whether for commercial or domestic use. In the first part of the guidelines, the manufacturers will get a list of requirements to meet general safety. This requirement excludes any type of covering on the chair and the assessment of upholstery.

The second part of the guideline relay on the mechanical safety of contract and home use seating. In this part, manufacturers are required to tell about the mechanical safety in the construction of plastic chairs for outdoor use. In this phase, the aspects like design, manufacturing process and material used don’t matters.

It only measures the safety and mechanical features of the furniture items depending on the weight up to 110 Kg. The test is not designed to measure the flexibility of the furniture piece from degradation due to moisture, sunlight exposure or temperature. The test also has different guidelines that are particular for tables. So, you can rest assured that it’s not just about plastic chairs, but all kinds of furniture. The EN581 test offers mechanical safety and safety standards for furniture, especially furniture designed for outdoor use like camping.

2. EN12520 Test

Another best way to check furniture quality is to check EN12520 Test Certification. European tests consist of compliance procedures and standard testing on furniture that is designed for domestic use. This test verifies & measures the durability, strength, sturdiness, and safety of home seating furniture.

This test indicates the minimum requirements that must be met in terms of durability, strength and safety. The EN12520 test procedure is enrolled for all types of home seating that is designed for adult use thus it does not apply to chairs for commercial use such as outdoor seating, link seating, office chairs, and seating for educational institutions.

 Through this test, durability, strength, material and safety are inspected. It does not contain the inspection of seat height adjustment mechanism, upholstery materials, reclining mechanism, and a lot more features that are included in the seating. That mean, it doesn’t evaluate seating’s degradations, ergonomics, and flammability.

The test is being done based on the weight of an adult, which is up to 110 kg. It is also known as the gold standard test because of measuring the performance and quality of all home chairs like plastic chairs. If you want to be sure of the quality of the plastic chairs you choose, don’t forget to check out this specific certificate.

3. Chemical Test

Chemical tests are designated to evaluate safety. It is third-party testing that can provide testing to ensure that the chairs are completely free of harmful toxins. In chemical testing, phthalate is involved in competition testing, a type of chemical using plasticizers in PU and PVC products. This test is held by a third party company of testing laboratories to ensure unbiased results.


Customers will be assured to buy as the products have been tested for safety and quality if that goes through certifications test. As a manufacturer, you can guarantee your customer that they can get added value for the purchase.

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