How to Assemble an Office Chair: Easy Tips

During the work from the home regime, you need to get a table and an office chair for yourself. This is something that can make your working conditions very comfortable. Having a good and comfortable office chair will ensure that you don’t suffer from backache and have proper concentration. If you don’t have an office chair, then you should certainly buy one for yourself. It is most likely that your new chair will come unassembled. So, to assemble the chair, you can follow the steps below.

assemble office chair

1. Unbox Everything

The first step is to unbox everything. You need to unwrap every part and unbox every screw that you receive in the package. This will help you assemble the chair with ease, and you will not scramble for the pieces while you are at work.

2. Assemble the Base

Now, the next step is to assemble the base of the chair. You need to push the caster wheel in the base. Some wheels may require you to tighten the bolts, and we are sure you can easily take care of that.

3. Assemble the Gas Strut

Now, you need to attach the gas strut. To do this, place the gas strut cover over the gas strut. You can also place the gas strut into the 5 star base in the next step.

4. Attach Gas Strut to Base

To attach the gas strut to the base, you need to align it with the base and press it. This is a simple step, and it will become tight once you sit on the chair.

5. Attach the Seat, Armrest, Headrest & Backrest

Now, fit the chair together. Here, you need to attach the seat, armrest, headrest and backrest. Depending on the mechanism, you can attach them and bolt them together.

6. Final Assembly

In this step, you will finish assembling the chair. So, what you need to do is that you need to align the upper part of the chair with the gas strut and the main chassis. Exert the pressure, and you are done with the assembly of the office chair.

We hope that these steps will help you assemble the chair quickly. It is quite an easy task, and you should be done in about 15 minutes. Overall, you should not face any challenges while you are assembling the office chair. For the detailed steps, you can also review the user manual, and you will get all the information about assembling an office chair.

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