Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair Review: Features, Pros and Cons

No one, whether a gamer or a professional, enjoys being consistent in their job if they can push the boundaries and progress. Similar to this, the Green Soul couldn’t stop at simply Monster and Monster Pro, so we took it a step further to bring you the Monster Range Ergonomic Chair, which is the Ultimate Version.

The Monster Ultimate gaming chair is made of a breathable quality soft fabric that permits airflow and gives a pleasant and comfortable seating for keeping the air moving on your back, preventing heat build-up.

Because of the long hours spent sitting, it is possible to have soreness and weariness if one does not have adequate back support. This is one of the reasons why the vast majority of office employees suffer from lower back discomfort. This is where the use of a Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair comes in handy! When it comes to gaming chairs, its major job is to promote good sitting posture.

Green Soul’s Monster Ultimate series is featured on yet another gamer chair on the list, this time from the company. These are gamer chairs that have been designed using ergonomics science and thus are suited for usage for long periods daily.

Many would consider this Green Soul’s ultimate series, in which they have attempted to add unique elements that would keep you from becoming fatigued even after working long hours.

Green Soul Monster Ultimate series multi functional gaming chair

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The Green Soul monster gaming seat is also covered by a three-year warranty and is appropriate for persons who are up to 5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm in height. Because of the soft and breathable cloth used in the construction of the monster gaming seats, they have a premium appearance.

Besides being attractive, it also helps to optimum ventilation on your back, resulting in a convenient and calm sitting atmosphere. Here is this company brings you the Monster gaming chair with the highest level of comfort and incredible features.

Features of gaming chair


This gaming chair is constructed of a combination of leather, artificial PU leather, & breathable mesh fabric, which allows you to sit comfortably for long periods without the chair becoming sticky.


Green soul monster gaming chairs, in contrast to office chairs, have backrests that are taller to provide neck & lumbar comfort to the user’s back and neck. Because the body is at ease, you can sit for extended periods without becoming fatigued.


Green soul monster gaming chairs are typically used in conjunction with a fixed desk. As a result, the chair you buy must be adjusted at several levels, and aspects like eye level, elevation, reclining, & armrest position should be considered before making a purchase. This allows users to customize their gaming chair to meet their requirements.


A gaming chair could glide over the floor with the stroke of a button, thanks to its robust base and rollers. This allows for convenient portability and comfortable moving.

Ergonomic chair

The ergonomics of this gaming chair are one of its most important features, but for the majority, it gets much of its necessities exactly correct. To begin, once you have decided to purchase a chair, Green Soul provides you with the choice of selecting the chair that is appropriate for your height.

Having your feet on the ground will ensure that you have enough seat height adjustability based on the body frame. The model that we purchased is suitable for people with heights of around 6 feet, and then in terms of the specifications, the chair is excellent.

Seat & padding

Its seat base is far more than adequate in size, and it can accommodate those with larger body types as well. In regards to posterior support, the padding is what struck out the most to me, and it has proven to be durable so far — this is neither too soft nor too firm, striking a happy medium in terms of firmness while remaining comfortable.

The placement of waist cushion is also just perfect, albeit those who are higher than 6 feet might well have wished for a slightly bigger cushion to accommodate their extra height.

Height & position

Both the height and the position of the armrests are fully customizable. Personal preference, though, was that the lowest height option of the carbon fiber-style armrests was a little too high — as well as a little too short — for my liking.

 If the armrests can have been moved closer to a backrest and the seat could have been lowered by 4 inches, it would be excellent in terms of forearm support, but that was not possible. For those who work at a desk rather than on their laps, the armrest adjustments on Green Soul’s chairs are ideal, so if you work at a desk, the chairs’ armrests will be perfect for you as well.

These characteristics make game chairs the ideal companion for serious gamers, students, office professionals, and anybody else who must sit for extended periods.

Durability & quality

The base & spring are both sturdy enough to support the chair even if you reclined it to nearly 180 degrees and then decide to lie down on it. It could handle my 5’11”, 80kg body frame extremely well, without feeling unsteady or unstable at any moment, just for reference.

Throughout the chair’s eight-month period of regular use, this has been the case, beginning with the time of assembly and continuing to the present.


  • Warranty on the manufacturing is three years.
  • A 5-star rating of 75% indicates that buyers believe the product is close to flawless in their opinion.
  • Heavy-Duty Gaming Chair for Serious Gamers


  • Depending on a few reports, it has been determined that the dimensions of the chair are not appropriate for people who are taller than 5ft 10″.

Final verdict

The Green soul monster gaming chairs are unquestionably a fantastic ergonomic chair that is valuable for a variety of reasons other than just gaming purposes.

It is strong, feels substantial, is simple to assemble, and provides excellent back support – something that we are becoming increasingly reliant on.

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