10 Best Wheelchairs In India 2022 (Manual and Electric Wheelchair)

Why do we need a wheelchair? If someone is ill or met with a serious accident, we always require a wheelchair to assist him to working and moving properly. If you are looking for the suitable wheelchair, you must look after the durability and stability of the product. In the present time, you can get various features of wheelchairs. Some of them are well-designed and have all modern functions. At the same time, some need to be moved from one place to another with a push.

The modern wheelchair has all the basic facilities. You can operate it with some switches. They are stable and come with ample features. In many wheelchairs, you will get handles. This needs the assistance of someone who can move the chair from one place to another. The invention of the wheelchair has reduced a lot of problems.

Even the hospitals and clinics mandatorily keep wheelchairs. This makes the patient move quickly from one cabin to another one. Most hospitals keep advanced wheelchairs for the suitability of the patients. They always try to invest in the best-quality wheelchairs. On the other part, many families also require wheelchairs for elderly family members.

The wheelchairs in India are made with high-quality products so they can give the best possible service to the users. The seating place is made soft and cozy. This should be made in a better manner because it will allow the users to sit comfortably. Even the sleek wheels that we find on the chair are made with high-quality products. This will help you to move comfortably and in a hassle-free manner.

But you must buy the wheelchair from a reputed place and brand. Never buy from local places. They may not be reliable. Even you may not get a proper warranty period for the product. It will be a bad buy. It is also good if you buy it from a reputed source. They will provide you with the best service. Even if you are confused about how to use the tool, they will teach you the exact way to operate it. This is one of the best services that a reputed company provides. Modern wheelchairs are available in folded form. You can unfold them while using and fold them when not required. It is another advantage of using a wheelchair in modern times. It is available in compact form.

Wheelchair India

Best Quality Wheelchair Online in India

In this part, you will learn about the best quality wheelchairs in India and their features. Apart from all this, you will learn about the pros and cons that are available with wheelchairs. This will give you a clear idea about the product, and you can select the perfect one for your use. You will get many wheelchairs in the Indian market but you need to select the perfect one from them. This discussion will provide you with relevant information’s.

1. Kosmocare Dura Rexine Mag wheelchair

Kosmocare Dura Rexine Mag wheelchair

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It is one of the best-quality wheelchairs that you can use for older people. It is made with sturdy steel material that you can fold when not required. The chair is flexible and easy to use. The wheels are durable and easy to clean. The rear wheels also provide absolute control on the chair. You will also get a fixed footrest and armrest. This will help the user to move freely anywhere. The chair can bear a maximum weight of 100kg. The attendant handgrip is durable and smooth. You can hold it for an extended period with no issues.


  • Have folding features with safety belts.
  • Have chrome-plated steel frames. It is durable.
  • High-quality wheels.
  • Has comfortable seating arrangements


  • It would have been better if the weight capacity of the chair was increased.

2. VEAYVA DELUX folding spokes wheelchair

VEAYVA DELUX folding spokes wheelchair

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You may require a wheelchair for ample reasons. It is now easy to get a quality wheelchair from anywhere. Apart from shops, many online stores are also engaged with the task of manufacturing a wheelchair. This is one of the reputed brands in a wheelchair. The chair is made with high-quality products so you can enjoy the best service. It comes with an aluminum footrest that can rotate 180 degrees. It can also be flipped on the right side or left side as per the users wish. The spoke wheels are made of good ingredients. It will never get rust even after being used for an extended period. As the spoke wheels are rust-free it increases the lifetime of the wheelchair. The detachable calf rest is another facility and feature of the wheelchair.


  • Made with good-quality ingredients.
  • Easy rotation of the footrest to 180 degrees.
  • Rust-free spoke wheels.
  • Comes with a detachable calf rest.


  • It would have been better if the quality of the footrest was made a little better.

3. Karma Transit light weight aluminum wheelchair

Karma Transit light weight aluminum wheelchair

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If you are looking for a durable and robust wheelchair, it is always the best option. The wheelchair is made with good-quality ingredients that will allow you to use it for an extended period. The best part of this wheelchair is that it is a light weighted one. This will help you to move the chair from one place to another in a hassle-free manner. The chair also adds durability to the users.

If you once started using this chair, you will get a homely feeling. The chair can be easily folded when not in use. You can fold it and store it in a comfortable place. The manufacturing company has done good research while manufacturing the product. There is an x rod in the chair, and this will restrain you from adjusting its height.


  • A lightweight chair and easy to use.
  • It can be folded when not in use.
  • Looks compact when folded.
  • Provides a comfortable seat to the users.


  • It would have been better if the height of the chair could be adjusted as per the user’s requirement.

4. VMS Careline Royal Mag wheelchair

VMS Careline Royal Mag wheelchair

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If you fell or meet with an accident, you may require a suitable wheelchair to lift you to any place. With the help of a wheelchair you may not depend on anyone for the movement. The innovative design and ergonomic features of this wheelchair have made it great in all aspects. The superior quality framework of the wheelchair is something great and unique about this tool. So, if you are planning to move with this wheelchair to any place, you can go ahead.

The 24-inch superior quality rear mag wheels are something good about the wheelchair. It has solid wheels that will give extra support to the chair. It will help in the smooth movement of the chair. You will also get a comfortable armrest that will allow your arms to rest comfortably. You will also get hand breaks with the wheelchair. This will restrain you from fast-moving.


  • Have an ergonomic design and an innovative look.
  • Made with superior quality steel framework.
  • It has a hand brake that helps in controlling the speed of the wheelchair.
  • Have solid and durable wheels.


  • It would have been better if the safety belts were made a little durable.

5. Ryder wheelchair

Ryder wheelchair

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This wheelchair is perfect for people who are unable to work. They need special care and help. However, this wheelchair can give you the ideal assistance and support. It is made with a powdered coating material. The fixed armrest will allow you to keep your hands in the best possible manner. The water cushions present in the wheelchair will work on the simple principle that liquid exerts pressure equally in all directions.

The cushions also hold the ability to absorb and support the upper part of the body. It also provides support and pillow on the spinal cord. It is something good about the chair. If you sit for a long time on the chair, your spines may get affected. In this case, the wheelchairs can give you the ultimate rest. You will experience good while using the chair.


  • It comes with a soft and comfortable cushion.
  • Have a fixed armrest for arm resting.
  • The cushions support the spines of the body.
  • Comfortable to sit and can be used for a long time.


  • It would have been better if the quality of the wheels were made a little better.

6. Vissco 2974 Zip lite power wheelchair

Vissco 2974 Zip lite power wheelchair

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If you are looking for an advanced type of electric wheelchair, it is always the best option. This automatic wheelchair has all sorts of advanced features that help in the easy and smooth movement of the chair. The footrest gives you immense pleasure while you put your legs. It can rotate at your convenience. It is one of the best parts of the wheelchair.

It has the facility of fire retarded upholstery. The wheels of the chair are firm and stable. It will help in easy movement of the chair from one place to another. You will feel good to know that pneumatic wheels are comfortable in any road condition. You can quickly move the wheelchair on any type of road. This wheelchair is battery-operated. Once the battery comes to an end, you will get an indication. In short, this wheelchair comes with all sorts of modern and advanced techniques.


  • Easy to use a wheelchair that anyone can use.
  • Have all types of advanced features.
  • It comes with the facility of fire retarded upholstery.
  • Pneumatic wheels help in easy movement on any road.


  • It would have been if the cleaning process was a little easier for the customers.

7. Medicalbulkbuy Electric wheelchair

Medicalbulkbuy Electric wheelchair

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It is another portable automatic wheelchair that will help you move around anywhere if you cannot work. The wheelchair is made with all types of modern features. This will help in the easy movement of the chair. You can easily handle it without any prior instructions or advice. The wheelchair is portable, and can be folded when not in use. Two motors run the rear wheels. They are strong. With this wheelchair, you can reduce your dependency on other people.

If you are having or suffering from cardio-vascular issues, you can easily rely upon this wheelchair. You can use the footrest for proper resting of the foot. You can also rotate it to your requirement.  The wheelchair works on battery, and you can quickly recharge it when the battery comes to an end. You will get an indication through which you can restore the battery. The rear wheels can be dismantled and assembled.


  • Comes with foldable and portable features.
  • Once folded, it becomes compact.
  • The rear wheels run smoothly on batteries.
  • You can reduce your dependency on this wheelchair.


  • It would have been better if the frames of the wheelchair were made a little better and robust.

8. Kosmocare Deluxe Heavy Duty Premium foldable wheelchair

Kosmocare Deluxe Heavy Duty Premium foldable wheelchair

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It is premium quality and foldable wheelchair that you can use during the crisis period. The chair can be folded and stored in a place when not in use. It is one of the primary qualities of using a fantastic wheelchair. The company always gives particular preference on the materials. It never uses low-quality materials to prepare the wheelchair. The wide seatbelt available with the chair holds the person firmly.

The seating area is durable and waterproof. You will never face any issues if any fluid falls on the seat. The armrest can be opened when not required. It may happen that you do not need an armrest area while sitting in the wheelchair. The seats of the wheelchair are broad and comfortable. It can allow the smooth sitting arrangement of a person with a heavyweight.


  • Premium quality chair with foldable quality.
  • The armrest can be detached when not in use.
  • Available with a soft cushion to give a better feeling.
  • Ideal for heavy-weight patients.


  • It would have been better if the quality of cushion was made a little better quality.

9. NASONTA Liberty foldable wheelchair

NASONTA Liberty foldable wheelchair

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It is a manual wheelchair that helps in the easy movement of the patients. The wheels of the wheelchair have a sleek look and allow swift action of the chair. It is excellent for adults who have mobility issues after a specific age. The foldable feature of the wheelchair allows the user to store it inside the car. You can easily move the wheelchair with the help of an attendant or any family member. The padded handles in the back allow it to be used as a transport wheelchair.

The wheelchair also comes with a molded footrest that you can adjust as per the user’s comfort. The steel frame of the wheelchair allows good support to the tool. The cushion armrest allows the user’s to rest hands. It can give rest to the hands. The seating area is strong and washable. It gets quickly dried within a short time.


  • It comes with an innovative look that helps in the easy movement of the patients.
  • Excellent for the adults who have mobility issues.
  • Comes with a molded footrest for better resting of the legs.
  • The seating can be washed and dried quickly by the users.
  • Comes with a strong quality steel framework.


  • It would have been if the company extended or increased its warranty period for the users convenience.

10. Entros adjustable stainless steel foldable wheelchair

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It is one of the best-quality chromed chairs that have a good demand in the present time. The product is ISO certified. The chair is foldable and can be stored for future use. It is one of the primary benefits of using a wheelchair. The folding mechanism is so advanced that anyone can do it. It has cushioned armrest that helps in the easy resting of the arms. It will give you a better feeling. The seat of the chair can also be folded when not in use. It is one of the main advantages of using the chair.

Another significant part of the wheelchair is that it requires less maintenance. The wheelchair is designed in such a manner so that you can use it for an extended period. It requires less effort to roll the wheelchair. So, you have to give less effort to move the chair. The footrest is also stable and robust.


  • It is an ISO-certified product.
  • It can be easily folded when not in use.
  • Requires less care and maintenance.
  • Helps in easy rolling of the chair. It requires less effort.


  • It would have been better if the company lowered the price of the wheelchair.

How To Choose The Best Wheelchair In India

In India, people after a specific age require support to work and move. To make the mobility of people easy and hassle-free, we all have to rely upon wheelchairs. This is why many companies have engaged themselves with the task of producing quality wheelchairs. They want to make unique designs of the wheelchair so that the users can easily handle it. It can make you feel if mobility issues have. But with the help of advanced wheelchairs, you can easily solve this problem. Modern wheelchairs have unique and advanced features. However, you need to follow some simple tips while buying a wheelchair for your family members. Here are some of the vital ones.

⇒ 1. Use of the wheelchair

The essential thing that you must keep in mind while buying for it is how often you will use the chair? Some of the chairs are designed for regular use, while others are designed for occasional use. You have to know about your usage of the chairs. The chairs that are occasionally used are found in shopping places and other areas. They are not so durable, and they may get damaged if used regularly. The ones that are regularly used are made with a special power. They are solid and supportive at the same time. You can use it in any place. They have good weight capacity, which is another essential point.

2. Wheelchairs’ weight

The use of the wheelchair depends on its weight. If it is much heavier, it will be tough for the users to lift it from one place to another. If the same is lighter, you can easily lift it. If you have to carry the chair as and when required, you must move for the lighter ones. They will be much more convenient. You can also opt for the chairs that have detachable options. You can remove the armrest if not required. This will reduce the weight of the chair to some extent. Many times, the importance of the wheelchair becomes a matter of concern for the users. They hesitate to use it.

3. Dimensions of the wheelchair

Well, another thing that needs to be considered is the size of the chair. You should ensure that the chair is suitable for your body and you can easily fit within it. Take an adequate dimension of the chair before going to buy it. Never buy anything without taking any proper measurements,. It will be a bad investment and you may not be satisfied with the product. In many cases, the dimension of the seat is already mentioned. But if it is not clearly mentioned, you must enquire about it. One thing is clear; if you do not get the proper sitting arrangement in the wheelchair, you will feel discomfort.

4. Storage facility

It is okay if the wheelchair can be stored when not in use. Most modern wheelchairs have this facility. If it is not provided, you must not buy it. The wheelchair needs to be folded easily. If the wheelchair is not foldable, it will consume a lot of space. It is also okay if you remove or detach the armrests and footrest areas. It will make the thing much convenient and better. If the wheelchair is to be used for home purposes, you can go for the normal size ones. You can use the bigger for hospitals and clinics. The storage facility of the wheelchair is something good for the users. It is suitable for people who have small space in their homes. You must always prefer the ones that are used for storage purposes.

5. Footrest areas

It is another unique thing that is required in a wheelchair. You must select a wheelchair that has a proper foot resting area. This will help feet to take a rest. If you have a better foot resting place that can be detached, it can give you comfort and relaxation. A proper foot rest place is much required. It is also better if you can remove the foot rest place when not in use. It is another facility of using a foot. Most modern wheelchairs have proper foot resting place. You must always buy the one with those facilities.

6. Use of brakes

It is essential to use the brakes in a wheelchair. This will help in controlling the speed of the wheelchair if it goes beyond control. Some of the brakes are controlled manually, while others can be automatically controlled. The presence of brakes can protect you from falling or meeting with an accident. The brakes can keep the wheelchair stable and good. In modern wheelchairs, you can get two brakes that are attached to the handles of the wheelchair. The attendant can operate this. All this makes it easier for the user to handle and use the wheelchair.

7. Types of wheelchairs

You will get two different types of wheelchairs. One is for outdoor use, and the other one is for indoor use. The one that is used for outdoor use has unique features. They are much stronger and better. They have better durability. This is not the case with indoor ones. They will be much sensitive. The outdoor wheelchairs have powerful wheels that can help in the easy movement of the chairs, even on hard roads. So, you must have a clear conception of the use of the chairs. This is the primary thing.

8. Weight capacity

You need to check the weight capacity of the wheelchair before attempting to buy it. Never go with the one that has less weight capacity. It may cause accidents that can cause immense damage. Checking the weight capacity is essential for the safety and convenience of the user. You must check before buying the product. Most wheelchairs have a standard weight capacity of 100kg. If the user’s weight is above that, you must try to purchase wheelchairs that are bigger in size. You can also go with wheelchairs that are designed for the heavyweight people.

9. Checking the accessories

Apart from all this, you must check other parts of the wheelchair. It may include pockets and storage bags. The pockets will help in better storage of the products. You may have to carry some medicines while taking the patient to someplace. If there is a pocket or storage bag, it will help in the easy storage of the items. You can stay relieved and accessible for an extended period. No need to carry an extra bag for these purposes. It is always good to buy wheelchairs with storage bags and pockets.

10. Check the wheels

You need to check the wheels of the chairs. It needs to be durable and better. It should be made of high-quality tires for bearing the weight of the patient. If you have any inquiry about the durability of the wheels, it is best to enquire about the same. The wheels of the wheelchair are the central part of the tool. It should be made of superior-quality ingredients and materials so that you can enjoy a better service. Never go with the products that use low-quality tires on the wheels.

11. Warranty period

All the wheelchairs must have a proper warranty period. You must never attempt to buy a wheelchair that does not have a good warranty period. The warranty period must commence from the date of purchase. It is okay if you get a warranty period ranging from six months to one year. If there is no such mention of the warranty period, you need to enquire about it. However, reputed companies always provide proper warranty periods for their product. It is one of their specialties.

12. Price

The price of the wheelchair is another matter that needs to be checked. It is seen that different companies provide different sets of fees for the same item. This provides a chance to be cheated. If you are buying the tool from the online site, you must also enquire about the price. It is another point that you should maintain. There is no use in paying extra money to the company. The price should be uniform and may not differ. If there is a vast difference in costs, it is better to avoid buying the product.

13. Customer reviews

In the present time, it is much convenient and easier to buy a product through online mode. Before purchasing a wheelchair, you can also gather probable information from the site. There are great sites that can provide you with facts about the chair. You can collect good information from those sites. However, you may also come across many fake sites. Try avoiding visiting those sites as they may mislead you and provide you with false information. Try to see the sites that are genuine. You will gather adequate information from those ones. This will help to make a better buy. Check the name of the sites from those people who have already used it.

Wheelchair Safety Tips and Guide You Must Know

As civilization matures and people live much longer, people utilize wheelchairs for a number of reasons. This popular & safe mobility equipment is aimed to offer the user mobility, comfort as well as the ability to experience life to its fullest. To use a wheelchair indeed is straightforward but there would be some hard situations in that you need to be attentive for wheelchair safety.

Here are some of the Wheelchair Safety Tips that you must keep in mind:

  • Maintain your center of gravity at all times while sitting in your wheelchair or moving around and in your wheelchair. If a positioning belt is available, make use of it.
  • Moving in & out of the wheelchair, stretching for objects, and bending forward will be necessary for your day-to-day activities. To ensure the safety of your wheelchair, practice carrying out these maneuvers in the presence of another person before attempting them on your own.
  • When reaching, stretching, or bending forward, always use the wheel locks and brakes, and maintain a safe, well-balanced seat position while doing so. Never lean over between the knees or scoot forward in the seat for picking up anything.
  • First, find what you’re capable of by practicing with someone else before attempting to cross ramps, slopes, inclines, or dips on your own. Never attempt to climb a steep slope on your own. Before traversing a pathway, street or sidewalk, examine for unequal floors, spills, holes, and obstructions prior to continuing forward.
  • DO NOT attempt to maneuver your wheelchair up a slope or tip it without the assistance of an attendant. In most cases, it is safer to go round the curb than it is to attempt to climb it. Look for a ramp, curb cut, or elevator that is close by.
  • With a motorized wheelchair, adjust the speed so that it would not exceed the speed that you are comfortable with, especially when reversing the wheelchair. A couple of additional quick safety advice for power wheelchairs: turn the power off before relocating to or from a ramp or lift, and always wear a seat belt. Accidentally bumping a joystick in the position is not something you want to happen.
  • Users of wheelchairs must employ a tie-down mechanism to secure their wheelchairs to the ground of the vehicle while they are in transportation.
  • In order to reduce the danger of injury during a collision, a passenger restraint system (which is distinct from a positioning belt) must be used in conjunction with it.

Wheelchairs Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a power wheelchair different from a manual wheelchair?

Whether it is a wheelchair operated manually or by batteries, both provide independence in moving from one place to another. Manual wheelchairs are pushed by someone else or pushed by the user’s feet or arm. On the other, a battery-powered wheelchair doesn’t require physical strength to get around or any assistance. Moreover, a manual wheelchair is easy to transport due to its lightweight ability while a power wheelchair doesn’t require minimum strength to push and pull. However, both wheelchairs have their pros and cons; looking at different features and requirements, you can choose accordingly.

2. How to choose the right size of a wheelchair?

To choose the correct size of wheelchair, you need to measure the height of the back, width of the seat, height from the seat to the floor, and depth of the seat. With the proper dimensioning in these four key areas, you will avoid some serious and dangerous concerns.

3. What sizes of wheelchairs are available these days?

Nowadays, many types of people from children to adults can use wheelchairs. That is why, there are many widths and sizes of wheelchairs available in the market. Wheelchairs with different widths can be adjusted as per the height of user. Let us understand with an example, A 10-inch wheelchair is primarily considered the smallest based on overall width and seat width. Modern models have a seat width that is approximately 16–24 inches, with an overall width of 26 to 34 inches or more.

4. Is it easy to transport and store a chair?

And the answer is yes! But, portability is a major concern for many people when buying a wheelchair. Look for something light enough to pack away and fit into your vehicle without any hassle. Also, make sure your wheelchair isn’t too heavy or bulky when not in use or that you can’t get in and out of the vehicle.

5. Is it safe to use a wheelchair?

Yes, if used keep in mind the safety precautions. First, never force yourself to slope, incline and go up or downstairs. Lock the brakes before getting in or out of the wheelchair.

Bottom Lines

In India, you can see a lot of people using and sitting on the wheelchair. This is mainly observed among people after a specific age. However, choosing the wheelchair is the right thing. You must select the correct type of wheelchair that can give you the best service. You must also observe some specific points and tips while choosing the wheelchair.

The lifetime of the wheelchair depends on its use. A good-quality wheelchair can give you service for up to three years. If you maintain it in the best possible manner, it can run up to five years. Now, you can stay relaxed if you have an older adult in your house. A proper wheelchair can give you the best possible service and can keep you independent.

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