10 Best Recliner Chairs In India 2022 [Support Your Back and Legs]

Reclining chairs has come up as the most desired piece of furniture for both office and home settings. It represents the peak of creativity blended with safety and appropriate design. In India, the recliner chairs come in different shapes, sizes, and comfort. 

And who doesn’t want to sink into comfy chairs after a tiring day?

Nowadays the Reclining chairs are cost-friendly, durable, and stylish. These chairs are also called “action and motion” chairs as they can move or change shape. These chairs are upholstered, foam-based, handcrafted and many other features like this make them super comfortable.

Why Choose Recliner Chairs?

Recliner chairs have various health and other benefits. It prevents posture-related health problems like arthritis, spinal disc herniation, and muscle soreness. The recliners offer great comfort and let your body rest in proper posture without stressing too much on the muscles.

Good postural habits encourage mental health. Nowadays recliner chairs come with heating pads and massagers which helps in the relaxation of muscles. The chairs also allow better flow of blood in the whole by drastically changing position and allowing the user to lift lower extremities.

Different Types of Recliners

There are numerous types of recliners. In the Indian market, they are available from basic to advanced features. Recliners chairs are affordable and come with great comfort. High-Leg Recliners, are more of a style quotient and offer a good fit. They are available in different varieties and sizes in the Indian market. 

Recliner Chair India

These are costlier than the standard ones. Lift Recliners, it’s a great choice for people who need help in standing. These can adjust to standing positions with their electric lift mechanism. Recliners chairs are of great value as also come up with some additional and special features like rocker base, swivel base, massagers, wall huggers, lay foot, USB functionality, and luxury upholstery.

Best Buy Recliners Online In India

A recliner is a perfect blend of comfort and mechanism. These types of chairs have various uses. In this hectic circle of life, a recliner chair is perfect for choice for relaxation. One can comfortably stretch on the recliner and do their stuff without putting too much stress on the body. In this era of electronic gadgets, people tend to sit more in front of laptops for those recliners are a great choice as they provide backrest, headrest, armrests, and footrests. These are designed to keep comfort and care in mind. They have adjustable back and footrests. The Recliners are senior citizens friendly. The motorized lift-ups provide the convenience of senior citizens. These recliners are quite adaptable.

Check out the 10 best selling recliner sofa and chairs in India below:

1. Furlay Recliner Chair

Furlay recliner chair

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Furlay offers you India’s first removable cloth recliner chair. This chair is the most recommended if you have space restrictions at your home but also requires it for your ease and comfort. You can easily place it in your living area, balcony, rooftop, bedroom, etc. The chair comes with six adjustable positions and is an ideal option to provide you with comfort while sleeping or sitting.

 The recliner chair features a high-density foam cushion which gives you relief and easement while resting on it. The heavy-duty steel frame makes it strong and sturdy in strength. The metal is also powder-coated to prevent it from rusting and bear extreme temperatures. The chair handle is made up of fiber which makes the chair more long-lasting and durable. 

The chair is also specially designed to provide orthopedic support with its modern and slim appearance. You can enjoy watching movies on television soothing your body pain and enjoying some time for your comfort in your busy schedule. You can also easily carry it during traveling outdoors or for a picnic. 

The dimensions of the chair by Furlay are 61cm x 21 cm x 94cm. The weight-bearing capacity defined for this chair is up to 150 kgs maximum. You can use this chair to relax after excessive physical activity and remove your muscular fatigue.


  • Metal handle for a modern touch to the structural design of the chair
  • Ranked second in bestselling Recliner chairs on Amazon
  • A warranty period of two years is provided
  • Six adjustable positions
  • Provides orthopedic relief
  • Useful in limited space available


  • Balancing your weight becomes difficult because of the free reclining mechanism provided in the chair
  • A cover is required on the seat cloth for a super smooth feel.

2. Amazon Single Seater Recliner Sofa

Amazon single seater

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Solimo is a renowned brand of Amazon and has innovatively designed an attractive structural design for recliner sofa in India. The single-seater chair colored in chocolate texture is one of the leading examples of a traditional style of a reclining chair. It is considered to meet the EN 1728 European standard in comfort performance and also meets EN 12520 safety requirements of European standard.

The chair is made up of high-quality fabric to provide you with the needed comfort and ease. The color of the fabric does not fade away after rubbing which adds to the advantage of having this chair and it appears new for a long time. The longevity of the product is maximized by strong and sturdy seams.

The product has been launched after going through many durability tests. It has successfully cleared the test of 100 kgs on every seat and also on the backrest for about 25000 Cycles. The armrest has passed the test with a huge load of about 40 kilograms for more than 10,000 cycles. The dimensions offered for the product are 96cm x 104 cm x 103 cm and weigh around 40 kilograms. It is along-lasting and strong chair and can bear a seating weight of 100-160 kilograms easily.

The chair can be easily moved in your home to change its place according to your mood or the interior themes. You can use it in your study room, working place, bedroom, lobby, balcony, or living room. The product is free from any sort of chemicals or toxins which can harm your muscles or skin.


  • The chair is slightly weighted which makes it easy to move from one place to another
  • The fabric is of high-quality material
  • The recliner chair does not lose its color and appears new for a long time
  • The product has successfully passed many tests to check its durability


  • The product is not long-lasting in some cases
  • The seat does not provide much comfort as compared to the other recliner chairs in a similar category.

3. Amazon Basics Recliner Chair

Amazon Basics recliner

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The zero-gravity recliner chair by Amazonbasics is a popular choice among customers for its low maintenance and elegant structural design. The name zero gravity is justified as it reclines fully from an upright position to zero gravity without any extra efforts. It is

made up of alloy steel which makes it light weighted. The steel frame is coated with a powder finish to enhance its durability by making it resistant to rustin extreme temperatures. The fabric used in the product is also all-weather-resistant and connects well with the double bungee supporting system of the chair. The Textilene fabric is breathable and doesn’t absorb heat which makes it a more comfortable choice. The fabric of the chair has a cooling effect and even it scorching high temperatures it does not stick to your skin. The

zero-gravity recliner chair provides you with an ideal option for optimal

relaxation and light experience. The padded headrest and strongly designed armrest add to its strength and comfort. The product dimensions offered are90cm x 110cm x 65cm weighing around 7.48 kilograms. The defined weight-bearing capacity of the product is up to a maximum of 90 kilograms.

 Being very light in weight it can be easily transported. You can carry it to the poolside, rooftop, terrace, or even at picnics. The product is available in four colors that are blue, black, beige, and burgundy. You can choose your color according to your personal favorites. The product does require assembling and is not ready to use the product. You need to have some hardware accessories to set it up.


  • Ranked second in zero gravity recliner chairs on amazon
  • The product offers a cheap and affordable price range
  • A warranty period of one year to cope up with any sort of defects
  • It is very portable and can be transported easily due to its lightweight


  • The chair does not feature the weight-bearing capacity for heavier people
  • The intermediate resting positions are not properly stable.

4. SpaceCraft Recliner Chair

SpaceCraft recliner chair

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The recliner chair offered by space Craft is one of the leading models in the category of best easy foldable recliner chairs. The chair offers five different stages of reclining positions. The chair is designed with a comfortable cushion and armrest made of a metal body. The handle is also made up of Metallic components and a steel frame.

The fabric of the chair cushion is of a very soft and smooth texture which does not absorb heat and protects against sweating in high temperatures. The dimensions of the model are 46cm x 57cm x 110 cm weight around 9 kilograms. The chair is structured to be strong and sturdy and has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 120 kilograms maximum.

The handles can be simultaneously lifted easily without any extra effort and the handles can be released at any position desired by you. You can reach your desired position by pressing your footrest.

The recliner chair by Spacecraft is a perfect combination of a recliner sofa and a comfortable chair. The cushion is removable which provides you easy access to cleaning and washing. The pre-assembled chair is ready to use the product and can be placed at any corner of your home.


  • The product has positioned itself in the top ten bestselling foldable recliner chairs in India.
  • The seating cushion is filled with foam to maximize ease and comfort
  • Cushioned armrests
  • Powder coating on the metal to resist rusting
  • Long-lasting and durable product 


  • The positions have to be changed manually as the remote-control system is absent
  • The reclining angles are not stable with adds to your discomfort.

5. Equal Recliner Chair

Equal recliner chair

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The zero-gravity recliner chair by Equal comes in an all-in-one combination providing durability, comfort, and modern features in a single product. You can buy this product to enhance your home interiors matching with the theme. This budget recliner chair is designed with an extraordinary look to catch the attention of each eye easily along with matchless comfort. The chair is made up of a steel frame structure maximizing its durability.

The steel body is coated with a powder finish to secure its features in extreme weather conditions. The bright-colored fabric used in the chair is made up of polyester. The UV-resistant mesh is provided to secure your product outdoors. The replaceable elastic cords glide down smoothly and effortlessly to the position of zero gravity and adjust to your body easily.

The chair is added with an advantageous feature of a detachable tray. The tray can be used to hold drinks, bottles, mobile phones, magazines, etc. The chair also includes removable headrests which can be easily detached according to your requirements. The recliner chair is very easy to fold and transport to different places.

The assembling of the product is not required and can be brought into use immediately after unboxing. The dimensions of the product defined are 53cm x 65 cm x 107cm weighing around 8.4 kilograms. The steel body is strong enough to bear weight up to a maximum of 150 kilograms.


  • Fabric is weather resistant
  • Support system if double bungee makes it durable
  • The built-in leg rest with thick pads
  • Promotes good posture
  • Helpful in relieving back pain
  • Three flexible reclining positions 
  • Spacious 


  • The footrest is not very flexible to control adjustments.

6. Furley Folding Recliner Chair

Furley folding chair

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Furley has introduced a recliner chair with easy folding accessibility and a cost-effective solution to the ones who want a pocket-friendly comfortable option. The chair is good to go option to watch television in a comfortable environment without hurting your muscles. You can also enjoy reading books or magazines sitting on your balcony in the evenings. The slim and modern structural design adds ease to your relaxation.

It occupies less space and can be carried easily to picnics or outdoors. The fabric used is recron polyester which is engineered with high technology. The fabric consists of anti-microbial, soft, comfortable, and non-allergic features. The fabric cover can be zipped to provide easy cleaning and maintenance. The recliner folding chair by Furlay offers six stages adjustable positions and has a better locking mechanism when compared to similar products available in the market.

 The armrest helps in locking the chair in a certain position. The dimensions of the product are 45cm x 74 cm x 104 cm weighing around 12.11 kilograms. It is available in three color variants that are coffee bean, cloudy red apple, and cobalt blue. 


  • The build quality of the product is made long-lasting and durable
  • The chair has a stylish and smart finishing
  • It provides good support at the head and backrest
  • A simple mechanism of reclining


  • The cover of the seat is not soft and smooth
  • The fabric also absorbs water and dust

7. Livzing Adjustable Recliner

Livzing adjustable recliner

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The adjustable recliner chair by Livzing is another on the list which fits into your pocket-friendly budget. You can find extreme comfort and relaxation after having a day full of stress. The chair enables you to watch movies, read books or magazines or even have a good nap hour. 

The chair frame of the product is made up of durable and high-quality steel giving it a sturdy appearance. The seating bed offers soft foam cushion-like experience to provide support to your body. The material of the fabric does not absorb dust or water and keeps it dry. The seating cover can be easily removed for washing and cleaning.

 The product dimensions defined for the product are 174cm x 38cm x 66cm weighing around 9.5 kilograms. The maximum weight-bearing capacity of the chair is up to 150 kilograms. The recliner chair requires no assembling and can be readily used after unboxing. The recliner chair by Livzing provides extra comfort to your head as it is equipped with padded pillows.

The armrest extends support to your neck and is easy to clean. The chair possesses three stages of adjustable positions done manually through the footrest. The reclining angles are designed in a way to relieve you from any kind of back pain.


  • Provides you with extremely comfortable back and head support
  • Offers easy maintenance
  • Sturdy and durable design


  • The warranty period is not defined

8. Bi3 Multi-purpose Recliner

Bi3 multi-purpose recliner

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The adjustable folding chair by Bi3 performs multiple functions. It is widely used by the customers in their balcony, lawn, poolside, courtyard, etc. The chair is made up of a strong metal body and is an example of a softness and firmness combo. High-quality textiline fabric is used in the composition of the chair which is very easy to wash and clean.

 The seating of the chair extends support to your muscles and reduces pain and relieves you from any kind of stress suffered throughout the day. The pipe racks used are of high quality and enhances the security element of the product. The lock system of aluminum provides an extensive possibility to adjust in multiple positions. The weight-bearing capacity defined by the product is up to 200 kilograms which is the maximum in the list.

The chair can be folded down easily and can fit at any corner of the room. The product is very convenient to install and transport consuming very less amount of space.The product dimensions offered are 46cm x 46cm x 17cm weighing around 10kgs. The weight-bearing capacity is one of the highest on the list up to 200 kilograms.


  • Extraordinary safety standards
  • The triangular structure of reinforcement
  • Reduces muscular pain and stress
  • Balances your weight evenly


  • The stitches may wear out easily after a while
  • Fabric is not durable and long-lasting.

9. Royal Oak Recliner Sofa Chair

Royal oak recliner

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Royaloak divine is ranked number one on our list. The recliner chair comes in a single-seater and offers you extreme comfort. 

The chair is composed of a wooden framework with extremely excellent hardware construction which makes it strong and durable. The exterior appearance is grand and rich in its way.

The foam of the cushion is highly dense and thickly padded at the backrest position. The cushion adds to the coziness of the product. The product offers you multiple positions of adjustments at different reclining angles. You can relax well with an adjustable footrest provided. The chair is available in single, double, and triples seating options. The product dimensions offered are 99cm x 79cm x 102 cm and weigh around 35 kilograms.

The product requires assembling with professional experience. The manufacturer offers a warranty period of 10 days only on the occurrence of any defect in the product. The German recliner mechanism of the chair is a perfect option to fit in your lounge area also enhancing the interiors of the space.


  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Attractive to the eyes
  • Elegant and stylish features
  • Can be maintained easily
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The soft fabric material is used


  • Assembling requires little professionalism
  • A warranty period of only ten days
  • Weight-bearing capacity not defined
  • Uncomfortable for people at old age

10. Home Centre Recliner

Home Centre Recliner

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The beige-colored recliner chair by Home Centre is another one on the list with wooden frame construction. You can create your own cozy space with this recliner at any corner of your living space and enjoy your time in peace and comfort. The padded seat rest and wide arms help you to maintain a good posture of your body. It is designed with a contemporary theme with high-quality textured material.

The polyester fabric is added with elastic and foam webbing in the seating position maximizing the durability of the product. The fabric has natural anti-microbial features making it a skin-friendly product. The dimensions of the product are 82cm x 97cm x 104cm weighing around 47 kilograms. The product requires assembling with little effort and is not bulky to handle.

The pinewood construction makes the product sturdier and more durable. You can spend hours on this reclining chair without any complaint of back or neck pain. The chair offers only three stages of reclining positions which can be adjusted manually.


  • Lower back support provided is exclusive
  • A simple reclining mechanism is offered
  • Adds to the elegance of your room
  • A warranty period of one year
  • Value for money


  • Weight-bearing capacity is not defined

How To Choose The Best Recliner Chair In India

Are you looking for a good and economical recliner chair that suits your budget? So here is a guide that will help you to choose the best recliner chairs available in the market and which will also give you the comfort and the feel you are looking for.

After a great hectic workout for the day, you want to be seating yourself in a comfortable chair so recliner chairs are the best choice to relax. Rectilinear chairs have become a popular choice for many people because of their unparalleled comfort and their look. There are a variety of rectilinear chairs available in the market which you can choose from which suits your pocket and also you can furnish your drawing room with this one.

Many brands are offering affordable and good-quality recliner chairs at affordable prices. Here are some of the points discussed which you should keep in mind before purchasing a recliner chair.

⇒ 1. Recliner space

Before your shopping begins for a rectilinear chair the first things which you should keep in your mind is the space which will decide how big or small the chair is required, whether you want it for your bedroom your office it has to be placed anywhere else.,and how will it match with the rest of the furniture in that area?

You have to keep in the mind is there enough space for the wreck linear to put in it or not. The available space in your area will also decide whether you require a small or a big recliner so that you will have no problems relaxing on it. If you have enough space area in your drawing room you don’t have to worry but if you are short of space then you should go for a rectilinear for small spaces which are shorter in size and it also does not Bend too back.

If you are purchasing your rectilinear to add elegance and style to your living room so that your guests are impressed then you might choose a product that gives a well antique classic look to your living room and you are appreciated and admired for your choice.

Along with the above-mentioned points, you should also keep in mind the wall paint you have used, the flooring, and the perfect place that will add to the beauty of your rectilinear placement.

2. Material used

Before going for a recliner, you should also keep in mind the fabric and the material used for Yorick linear while choosing the best cleaner for you should keep the following points in mind:

  • Look
  • Durability
  • Comfort

When we go for choosing any furniture for the house, the first choice is leather no doubt leather gives an elegant look and its material. But remember one thing not all leathers is good. If you are going for the good leather quality it will cost you more but there are other choices are also available with human-made fibers like performance fabrics, Eco-friendly textiles, and pet-friendly textiles

 But in the end, what matters the most is your comfort so it is one thing which should always be kept over style. You know it better whether you are going to spend less time or more time on your chair so before purchasing a recliner you should keep in mind the right fit and the comfort you are going to game for the coming years with no extra price to pay. According to a survey, the life of an average recliner lasts up to 10 years with constant use.

⇒ 3. Must-have Features in your Recliner

Nowadays recliners are available with a variety of features so before going for one you should keep in mind what are features you require in your recliner. Take for example are you looking for or your complete body rests with the lumbar support when you are relaxing or are you want an articulating headrest giving you the maximum rest to your head and neck.

Rectilinear bases are also important while purchasing it is available with the variety of bases it depends on you how you want your chair is to be operated. Some shares in the market are available that not only Recline but can also rotate in the direction you want it to be.

Some reclining chairs can glide to and fro and some can be lifted so that it becomes easier for you while standing or sitting hence there are many options available with you to choose for the right base for your recliner.

Power recliners are also available in the market through which you can control your chair with the simple button press it can be lifted or the headrest position can be adjusted through it.

Linear search is also available with USB ports which makes charging phones easier for you while sitting and relaxing on it, and to add on the net it is also accompanied by a cup holder which will give you the pleasure you were looking for. So just go for your acne near which will give you a soft simple and comfortable feel while relaxing on it.

4. Cost

Many things affect the cost of a Recliner- quality fabric, manufacturer, and so on. Quality is the key feature if you want your rectilinear for daily use as it is all for your comfort so if your chair is made up of a comfortable and good fabric.

Warranty is one such feature that will also add to the cost of your chair and how long you want your chair to be durable.

But if your style is above all you should go for a brand that will give you the style and look you are looking for. Confused? Opt for the classic model

At last, if you are still facing issues choosing the right rectilinear for you can’t go for the classic models which are available in the market. You can choose a reply a paste on for what duration you want to keep it and for or what purpose are you having it whether you want it just as a showpiece or you want to relax on it while doing so you should remember your comfort material shape and fit of the rectilinear. The best you are fitted in your chair the best comfort it is going to give you.

5. The right recliner for your body type

One common size does not fit all body parts so while going for a recliner you should dimension of your body into account. You can be tall short bumpy earthing so to gain the extra comfort from your leader clean air you should have the perfect body with a recliner with the comfort and support you are looking for. For doing so you have to keep the following points in your mind.

6. Size

As the recliner is available in different sizes and bases you have to choose the best-suited size according to your height and length because it is one such asset that you will be using most often. Some best-fit recliners available in the market are La-Z boy’s which suits all body types, some more available in the market are the harbor town recliner, the Pinnacle recliner, the Astro recliner.

The leg expensive models of the recliner may not provide you with the comfort you were looking for and can end up giving you back pain so go for a recliner which is a bit costly but give you total comfort.

7. Style

The next thing which should be in your mind is the style that suits and to your drawing area. It can be from casual to contemporary. Style is also one thing which is going to add and speak for your personality so to choose your recliner style is one thing which should be considered.

8. Customization

You always have a choice to customize your recliner with the best fabric cushion leather of your choice. You can upgrade your style by adding on these things. There are many options available with the recliner brands to add to the beauty of your chair.

Other things which you should keep in mind while choosing for your Recliner:

9. Power

Power grid linear is required when you travel so that you can charge, your recliner and take it along with you but it is expensive as it gets you many movement options for your leg and back you can control your chair with a button and you can also lock the position of your chair.

10. Lift

If you want you are rectilinear to be controlled by you and set your positions according to you can opt for a power lift chair which can provide you with a full-body relaxation while in a reclined position.

Headrest and lumbar support: many rectilinear are available with lumbar support. It provides support throughout the day. It gives you neck head and back support accompanied by many relaxing positions. It has also unlimited viewing positions from different angles so that you are reading conversation becomes easier.

Recliner Chairs Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are recliner chairs comfortable?

The answer is yes, recliners are completely safe and comfortable for the body as they give great support to your legs and back while sitting. Resting in a recliner is good for your back as long as it provides proper lumbar support. If your chair elevates your legs above heart level and fits your body, there are many more health benefits. Some recliners exist that provide more lumbar support than others.

  1. How many types of recliner chairs exist?

The following are the major type of a recliner chairs, available both online and offline:

  • Power Recliner
  • Rocker Recliner
  • Lay-Flat Recliner
  • Glider Recliner
  • Lift Recliner
  • Wall-Hugger Recliner
  • Swivel Recliner
  • Push-Back Recliner
  1. What is the best material for a recliner?

Recliner chairs have built-in comfortable cushions that come in numerous materials. The most common options are pocket coil spring cushion, medium-or-high density foam, and memory foam. And, the entire frame is upholstered in natural-synthetic fibre, leather, cotton, or completely synthetic fibres that are easy to maintain and clean well.

  1. Which one is best a cloth recliner or a leather recliner?

However, fabric chairs are long-lasting but they start showing indications of wear and tear sooner. A leather recliner chair, on the other hand, is a better option in terms of durability and less upkeep. If you want your recliner to complement your room décor, you’ll see more options in the recliner fabric chair.

  1. How to choose the recliner chair for home use?

When looking for a recliner chair, you will get a clear idea of ​​the room space to hold the chair. Plus, whether or not it fits your body, choose the right fabric, choose your type, and choose one that offers maximum durability and quality.

Finally, comfort and safety are the keys to recliner chairs. These are available in numerous sizes, shapes, and colors. It helps in combating stress after a hectic day. It not only helps the body but also the mind and maintains mental health. It also enhances the interior of your house and makes it look the more chic type. Leather recliner chairs are stylish and elegant.

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