10 Best Gaming Chairs In India 2022 [Budget Friendly Options]

Gaming chairs are a specialized form of chairs that are particularly designed for the people who play online games for long hours. Gaming chairs are becoming popular in India as online gaming has become a profession today. The professionals, who play the game the whole day, make and break records and finish different levels of the game-opening money in terms of prices and rewards.

The gaming chairs are designed according to scientific studies about the movement of a person in a chair and the need for comfort while sitting for long hours. Most of the gaming chairs are spacious, made of high-quality material and easily adjustable. The chair can be adjusted according to the height and width; also the head & arms get the required support while playing games. 

The gaming chairs are not only meant for gamers but they can be used by common people also. There are many advantages for people to use it at home or offices. The chairs are very relaxing & they can enhance your productivity if you use them in the office. The people working from home also find it energetic to sit in the chair for the whole day. There are various types of gaming chairs available in the Indian market and are mainly based on the gamers choice, style of game they play and the type of chair they prefer to play the games.

Gaming Chairs India

The chairs are most suitable for people who are suffering from back pain. Not only reduces the back problem but it also makes a person relax and feel comfortable. The chair with adjustments makes it easy for a person to move around while sitting in the chair. The chairs are nicely designed, stylish looking, and increase your energy level. You will definitely need to have this product at your home or office. 

Best Quality Gaming Chairs Online In India

Following the given list of elegantly designed & highly useful gaming chairs in India will help you to find the most useful chair. The gaming chair price in India is different from brand to brand choose as per your budget.

1. Green Soul Monster Ultimate Chair 

Green Soul Monster Ultimate Chair 

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The Green Soul multifunctional chairs have become a trend today at homes & offices. The monster chairs have offered the most comfortable chairs in the market. The chairs have offered the best techniques that will give complete rest to the body while working while playing games. The chair has adjustable neck support and it takes the pressure off the neck. The additional head pillow which is made of sponge and padding looks excellent and offers complete support that allows you to sit for a longer time in the chair.

The chair helps you to sit in a proper posture to remain relaxed after working for a longer time. The chair can be reclined to adjust according to your need while you sit and relax in the chair. It gives a premium look to the chair and makes it 100% comfortable. The seating area is adjustable and remains flat. The molded foam used inside the chair remains warm and soft. It helps every portion of your body in a proper position. The adjustable spongy armrests that are made of PU carbon texture allow you to enjoy your time in the chair. Which shade looks excellent and always gets all the attention.


  • Nice design, excellent material and comfortable feel.


  • Takes time to assemble.

2. Apex Crusader Gaming Office Chair

Apex Crusader Gaming Office Chair

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Apex Crusader gaming chair looks perfect & offers amazing services. The appearance of the chair is so grand that you don’t want to take your eyes off it. The chair offers at most comfort and makes you feel so relaxed while sitting in the chair. The chairs are designed only after studying the various postures of the people and their sitting habits and using the chair for relaxing. The chair offers maximum comfort and support to people who want to get relaxed after working day and night. The chairs are not designed for any particular class or category of people but they are designed for young and old. The entire structure of the chair is metallic and the chairs are made of high-quality leather heavy duty in nylon with a lot of padding. 

The chairs have adjustable seat height and movable armrests. The product is broadly designed to meet the specifications using high-quality material. People will find the chair is so comfortable that their gaming experience gets improved immediately. The chairs have a thick padded back and a flat but soft seat that remains fixed. The chairs are so stylish that bring a change in the atmosphere. The use of advanced technology and the latest techniques while designing the chair head of the number of facilities. 


  • The hand rests are of high quality.


  • The chair needs to be more balanced.

3. Pulse gaming Metal Chair (Black)

Pulse gaming Metal Chair (Black)

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Pulse Gaming Chair is black in color and ergonomic design. The chair has a diamond cut design which is most suitable for upholstery. The red color stitches offer a sporty look to the chair that is most comfortable to sit in. The heavy-duty & superior quality caster wheels become part of the design and allow smooth movement on the floor by sustaining weight. The chairs offer a relaxing feel and allow a person to offer better performance while playing the games. The chair is most comfortable to sit and relax if you have lower back pain. 

Are you planning to buy a chair to play the game as your hobby or to relax at home? This Chair serves both purposes. The high-quality chair looks stylish and offers amazing functionality. The chair is easy to assemble without using any extra tools. The chair is considered to be of good quality product available at a reasonable price? The chair offers easily adjustable height, its back support and headrests. People suffering from body pain will definitely find these chairs as the most relaxing ones.


  • Good quality chair at a reasonable price.


  • Delivery text more than the required time.

4. Casa Copenhagen Chair

Casa Copenhagen Chair

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Casa Copenhagen chairs are the most stylish and highly functional chairs. The chair is made in ergonomic design and can be used for gaming or it can be used as an executive chair in the office also. The rich black-colored chair looks most decent and gets all the attention. The chair is easy to assemble and can be long and durable. The package has nicely explained assembling tips along with extra screws which is very useful. The chair can fit in a limited area properly. The chair offers relaxation to the body completely. The people facing body problems such as backache or neck pain find this chair the most relaxing one. You will get all your pain while you sit for long and study, work, or play games without feeling pain or tired.

The chair with adjustable back support and movable arms make it easy to sit and relax. The chair will definitely energize you – even after spending a long time in the chair. The chair is designed in a specialized style that is based on mental and physical ways of relaxation. The chairs with adjustments are the best for the gamers and also for the people either working in the offices or working from homes. The chairs are easy to move and are easy to maintain. The long durable chairs are the best for relaxation.


  • The chair offers relaxation to the complete body.


  • The quality of the material should be better.

5. Savya Home Apex Crusader Chair

Savya Home Apex Crusader Chair

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Apex Crusader revolving chair is the one most people will love to have either at home or in the office. The chair is most suitable for a person to remain active in the chair that offers all comforts. The chair is made of sturdy steel along with Polyurethane that offers a complete cushion effect. The entire frame is structured inside the soft padding and the foam. The cushion remains soft for a long duration without any issue. The base of the chair is made of stainless steel and remains stable. The strong wheels at the bottom remain solid offering support and smooth-rolling. The chair remains in control while you sit, relax or resolve around in the chair.

The gaming chairs are superbly designed by keeping in the mind the various problems people face while sitting and playing games for long hours. The chair has a flat seat that remains stable and offers complete support. The headrest offers easy positioning for the head and the lumbar support makes sure that the shoulders and neck are properly rested. The headrest and the lumbar support can be detachable if not needed. The soft chair offers complete relaxation to the body and the person will not feel tired after working or playing continuously for long hours.


  • The nicely designed chair remains durable for a long time.


  • Packaging should be better.



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The MRC executive chair offers a grand experience while playing the games. The installation of the hair is easy and complete guidance is given in the form of a manual. It is easy to assemble the chair even without any tool kit. The chair offers a real feel of racing while you play the car racing game. The revolving chair allows you to move in the direction easily and the sturdy strong wheels help you in rolling the chair on the flat surface easily. The chair remains stable with the help of heavy bottom and it is always under the control of the person sitting. The chair offers additional fun and an unbelievable experience while you are involved in the game completely.

The chair offers you a sense of proper sitting posture without getting any uncomfortable feelings or anybody in pain. The chair with easily adjustable features like movable headrest or armrests makes it easy for you to adjust it according to your comforts. People having back or neck pain will find the chair most suitable to sit and relax. The chair is lightweight and can be easily portable. The chair will definitely make a person active and relaxed, forgetting his back problems. People of any age group can use the chair and remain healthy and fit.


  • The chair gives an incredible gaming experience.


  • Available in one color & only design.

7. NUBZONE Gaming Chair

NUBZONE Gaming Chair

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NUBZONE gaming chair is a fully adjustable chair in white color that always gets the attention of the people. The most comfortable chair with high-quality material makes you enjoy the long and exciting gaming sessions. The gaming chair offers advanced techniques and user-friendly options that make the chair highly preferred by the young and old. The chair not only makes a person feel relaxed while playing the game but also creates a friendly atmosphere that makes the user forget everything around while playing the game with passion. The chair can be revolving and allows you to change the direction of the chair easily without moving from the position.

The gaming chair offers suitable techniques that enhance the state of relaxation of the person sitting in the chair. The chair has five adjustable options that help you to increase the functionality of the chair and also make it more comfortable. The chair has adjustable armrests in four different ways. The armrests can be moved using dimensions – 3 ways and direction – eight ways. The height of the chair is adjusted along with the armrest to help you to sit with ease while playing the games. The head and neck support can also be adjusted while sitting in the chair for a long time.


  • The chair offers complete comfort & relaxation.


  • The product is not easily available.

8. Massage Gaming Chair

Massage Gaming Chair

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The Massage gaming chair with ergonomic design is made of high-quality leather. The most comfortable chair can work as a masseur and offers you a complete body massage while you play the game. The cable is used to connect the chair which supplies the power either from an inverter or from a power bank. The chair made of soft leather offers you complete relaxation while you work or play. You can even fit the chair in the car or on the balcony while you get a complete body massage. The chair made of steel and leather can swivel 360 degrees and the caster wheels move easily and the chair can be rolling in any direction. 

The chair can rock and can be controlled easily with the help of armrests. The adjustable seat and the footrest placed at the bottom can make the movement easier. The chair is most useful for both players and the workers. The back support helps in offering pressure to the entire body. it allows the entire body including your legs to feel the massage. The chair allows the entire body to move in any direction while the user works or plays. The high-density foam with hand sewing design looks elegant.  


  • The chair offers a comfortable feel using the technique of massage.


  • The product takes a long time to get delivered.

9. ASE Gold Gaming Chair

  ASE Gold Gaming Chair

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ASE Gold gaming chair is the best for people who always have problems with the backbone. The ergonomic design and the scientifically designed structure make the chair look elegant too. The chair has options for adjustment and reclining that add to the comfort while seating in the chair for a long duration. The armrests are easy to manage and can be adjusted in different angles and directions. The back support offered can make a person sit for long hours forgetting the problems relating to back or neck pain. The chair height can be adjusted according to the need and comfort. The wheels are easy to move and make the movements comfortable for the person sitting in the chair.

The additional support is offered with the help of soft pillows that are placed on the back for head support. The entire chair is made of high-density P.U. foam that remains spongy and well-padded. The chair offers complete rest to the body while sitting and working or playing the game. The chair in black metallic color looks elegant and can get all the attention. The base of the chair is stable and it gives complete control to the user while sitting or moving or rotating the chair.


  • The adjustment options are highly useful.


  • Wheels should be stronger.

 10. Misuraa Gaming Chair

Misuraa Gaming Chair

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The Misuraa gaming chair is made of imported material and has an ergonomic design. The chair is delivered in a neatly packed package. You can easily assemble it using the given DIY instructions. The assembling is easy and can be done without any tool kit. The chair looks elegant and stylish and it is highly comfortable. The chair not only allows you to sit and play the games for long hours but it can also have several adjustable features and useful options that make sitting in the chair highly enjoyable. You can adjust lumbar support for the proper height. You can also make changes in the seat depth and also the headrest for head support. The backrest tilt and tilt tension is also adjusted according to need.

The designer chair is made of superior quality leather, a perfectly designed seat, and solid-looking nylon mesh for the back support. The chair can hold a weight of up to 140 kg without any issue. The base is made of aluminum and the thick-looking wheels make balancing and movement easier while rolling the chair on the floor. The chair is stitched perfectly well & it has an eye-catching design as well. The chair is the best for relaxing.


  • Superior quality chair with eye-catching design.


  • The product is not easily available.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Chair In India

The following discussed features of the gaming chair will help you to understand the product better and it will help you while buying the best gaming chair at a reasonable price.

⇒ 1. Type of gaming chairs

Gaming chairs are available in different categories. Some of the main categories are given below:

  • PC gaming chairs

PC gaming chairs are based on prototypical design. These chairs are designed with more understanding about the people who are sitting on the chair for long hours. These are the gaming chairs that are mainly designed for people who play games for long hours. These chairs are mobile and have superior quality and base added with pedestal seats on the top. The wheels have swivel capabilities that allow free movement on the flat surface. The changes also have armrests for wrists. It helps in utilizing the mouse & keyboard.  It helps in moving the arms freely without pain or pressure.

The support is also given to the back while sitting in the chair. You can tilt backwards and adjust the chair using reclining options. The headrest also offers support to the head and it takes the pressure off the neck while sitting in the same position for a long time.

All PC gaming chairs are designed to have an upright position and it allows complete relaxation and comfort to the body. These chairs are also called racing gaming chairs as they look more like car seats.

  • Console gaming chairs

Dickinson giving chase is designed mainly for console gamers. The chairs are more advanced and available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular type of console gaming chairs is called rockers. The rocker gaming chairs do not have wheels or pedestal seats which are a part of PC gaming chairs. The rocker gaming chairs are L-shaped and allow sitting directly on the floor. These chairs are called Rocker because the chairs keep rocking back & forth while you play the game.  The design of the rocker chair is not ergonomic. And these chairs are not meant for desk gaming. But most of the gamers find these chairs most comfortable while playing console gaming. The gamers enjoy rocking in the chair while playing the game for long hours without getting tired.

  • Racer simulator seats

The entire setup of the racing simulator seat is placed on a platform calledthe cockpit. Racing simulator seats are the advanced end gaming chairs. The racer seats especially design for racing games. Sam racer similar seats can also be used in the casual games also. And some of the eraser similar cigarettes which are of advanced type are mainly used for racing driver training for professionals to take part in the actual racing games.  Racing simulator seats are of the most advanced gaming chairs and also they are highly costly. Racing simulator seats offer the real time experience along with effective gaming techniques.

  • Bean bag chairs

Bean bag chairs are huge size sex that can be placed on the floor. These sacks are filled with foam and have suede or microfiber upholstered. Bean bag chairs aredesigned mainly to sit inside it or even lay inside it. The bean bag chairs don’t have any particular shape and can get adjusted according to your body movements. The bean bag chairs are made for gaming purposes but most gamers find them soft and comfortable. The gamers find them easier to adjust while playing the action game.

Bin bag chairs do not have an ergonomic or supportable design. But the main advantage you have while using a bean bag chair is its supportive nature. It can easily accommodate many different positions and also various postures. The other reason why most gamers prefer bean bag chairs is the price factor. The bean bag chairs are cheaper than most other gaming chairs.

These are some of the most popular gaming chairs that are available in the market. Each type of the chair can be used for a specific reason for which it is designed. The gaming chairs are available in various styles, sizes, shapes and have various features also. The price also varies from high-end to a lower end depending on the users’ choice, requirement and the budget. You have to choose the most required gaming chair, according to your specific requirements.

  • Ergonomics design

Ergonomic design is highly suitable for gaming chairs. It is necessary to choose the gaming chair having an economic design. The economic designs are based on physical and mental abilities. Ergonomic design is not fixed but it can be altered and improvised. Ergonomically designed chairs offer you more comfort & easy movements while sitting in the chair. Ergonomic designs allow you to have major and minor adjustments with chairs. It also allows the user to feel relaxed while sitting in a chair for long hours. There are many other features apart from ergonomic design & they are – breathable mesh material, responsive motion, easy adjustment to the chair, etc. 

2. Quality of material

The material used in designing the gaming chairs should be of high quality and long durable. No one will buy a chair that breaks down and gets uncomfortable. The best part of a high-quality chair is the structure of the frame. Most of the frames are made of metal which lasts longer. Also, another important aspect is the stronger base of the chair. Aluminum bases are stronger when compared to nylon bases. The type of material used for cushioning plays a very important role in gaming chairs. High-quality material such as soft & sturdy plastic material is used.

3. Upholstery

Upholstered gaming chairs mainly used PU leather. PU leather is the most suitable and economical when compared to real leather which is very costly. The synthetic webbing of all microfiber can be used in the upholstery of gaming chairs. Breathability is also a part of the upholstery. Some gaming chairs are designed with the help of breathable mesh upholstery. It doesn’t allow lettuce to get heated. The advantage of breathable upholstery is to make the gaming chairs more comfortable and less sweaty.

4. Armrests

PC gamers find gaming chairs appealing because of the innovative armrests. The ergonomic design offers support to the wrist and the lower arm as well. It helps you to gain more control over the game and improve your skills. The armrest is easily adjustable and they can move according to the body and height. It allows you to move your arms while your shoulder remains at rest. Most of the armrests are adjusting the table according to height and width also. The armrest offers enough space to the users and allows them to have free movement.

5. Weight & Height

While purchasing a gaming chair you should be sure about specific height and weight capacities. You should make sure that the chair is available according to recommended height and weight. The big-sized gaming chairs are marked as big and tall. The chase with the highest weight capacity can be over 250 kg.

6. Dimensions

Before you buy the gaming chair you should be aware of the dimensions of the gaming chair required. The required dimensions of the chair allow you to fit comfortably in the chair having space around.

  • Checklist item

The following checklist will help you to find a suitable gaming chair as per your requirement.

  • Is the chair big enough to hold my weight?
  • Does the chair suit my height?
  • Does the chair have ergonomic support?
  • Is the chair adjustable?
  • Does the chair have breathable upholstery?
  • Is the chair easy to install?

Gaming Chairs Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a gaming chair for office use?

Yes absolutely! The reason behind this is its built quality and construction. A gaming chair is a great option for regular office use as it prevents any long-lasting health concerns and helps in keeping your back straight. In addition, the back support of a chair can help to soothe and reduce some of the anxiety and stress caused by workloads. This type of chair promotes good posture, especially when you have a comfortable computer desk with raised height.

2. Can gaming chairs be cleaned easily?

Gaming chair cleaning does not require special cleaning products or any professional tools, which makes the cleaning task very easy and hassle-free. All you need is a wipe and a damp cloth to remove dust from your chair. For further care and maintenance, take a dishwashing soap and use it to clean off all the dirt. After cleaning, take a dry towel to wipe it off. You can also use a leather cleaner or spray to make the chair feel fresh.

3. What aspects to consider when buying a gaming chair?

When it comes to a gaming chair, numerous factors have their importance that should be taken into account before making a final decision. These include quality, extra features, system compatibility, size of your gaming room, appearance, customer reviews, with speakers or without speakers, comfort, cost, size, non-skid base, adjustability, colours, and warranty.

4. Which one is better: A gaming Chair or an Office Chair?

This question has been a matter of debate for a long time, as both chairs have their characteristics, pros and cons. But, the midpoint that sets the gaming chair apart is its high back. In-office chairs, you may notice that they are less aerodynamic. On the other side, a gaming chair has an organic design and comes with a wide array of features that add up to comfort. They also feature adjustable arms, footrests, the ability to recline, and lumbar support adjustable chair height.

5. Why are gaming chairs so costly?

A premium quality gaming chair can be around Rs 40,000 to Rs 90,000. These chairs are often equipped with premium-quality upholstery, padding, and armrests. Regardless of how long they sit, most people spend for maximum comfort. The extra support offered by the gaming chair will promote longer gaming hours.

6. What are the health benefits of sitting on a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs keep your spine in a straight position when sitting and promote long hours sitting with great ease.

Final Wrap Up

Gaming chairs for specially designed chairs according to the requirements of the gamers. The chairs are designed to offer comfort and relaxation to gamers while playing the game for a longer time. The chairs are adjustable and the user can make minor or major decisions according to their needs while playing the game. The chairs are most suitable for people suffering from back problems or neck pains. The chairs are the most ideal and highly comfortable to be used even while working also. The above-given information about gaming chess will help you to choose the best quality chair for you to sit and enjoy the game.

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