10 Best Chair For Studying in India 2022 [Without Armrest & With Writing Pad]

The study chairs are the most comfortable and relaxing. You can count the reasons why the teachers and the students prefer study chairs while studying. The study chairs help you to relax while you read or write. The comfortable feeling makes you concentrate on your studies rather than feeling restless. It also takes your mind away from the issues around you. 

The study chair reduces worries & stress. It offers complete relaxation of the body and mind. The study chair offers support to the back, arms & to the entire body. It allows you to sit in a comfortable posture for long hours. It certainly helps you to concentrate on the studies in a much better way and enhances your understanding of the subject well. 

Our Top Picks

#1 CELLBELL Contemporary Study Chair
#2 FURNICOM Study Chair
 #3 RW REST WELL Study Chair
CELLBELL Contemporary Study Chair  FURNICOM Study Chair RW REST WELL Study Chair 
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Why Choose Study Chairs?

For a child or an elder person, a study chair brings excitement. It makes a person feel at ease while either taking a rest or reading a book. These factors have a positive effect on the human mind. The study chairs are considered the best for students in India while studying. The study chairs with soft cushions and options for hand rest & backrest offer complete mental & physical relaxation. It takes a person into a different world of his own forgetting the stress & worries around him. Such things help in changing the atmosphere around and it helps a student to give his or her best.

This is the secret of studying smartly rather than studying hard. Most of the parents have found out about these magical study chairs and how these chairs help the children in getting ahead in their studies. So the demand for study chairs is increasing in India today. 

The study chairs have become part of the home furniture. These chairs transform the atmosphere at home when you place the study chair among the conventional furniture at home. Even the young and old at home appreciate the study chairs and love to relax whenever possible. The study chair can easily accommodate in a limited space & it offers a different look to the surroundings. It definitely creates positive vibes across the home.

Study Chair India

The study chairs are designed with a sense of concern, care and using superior quality material. The lightweight study chairs are easy to handle and very handy to be used indoors or outdoors. The study chair is safe to use for studying long hours. It offers you a feeling of comfort and leisure when you sit and feel relaxed. The chairs are available at affordable prices in the market under various brands, designs, and styles. 

Best Buy Study Chair Online In India

The list given below offers you nicely designed branded study chairs for your children to study. Select the most suitable study chair from the list for your family.

1. CELLBELL Contemporary Study Chair with writing pad

CELLBELL Contemporary Study Chair 

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The chair offers you a better option for your children to study. This chair will definitely change the atmosphere in your study room. The black color study chair looks elegant. The chair is foldable and easily fits in a limited area of your home. The chair is of 4.5 kg weight but it can support a weight up to 100 kg. The backrest is hard and offers support and the hand rests take the pressure of arms completely. It is an ideal product even for old people also.

The chair is portable. It is easy to carry indoors or outdoors. It is attached with a smooth writing pad, which is easy to use. The non-marring support glides to protect the floor during movements. The double support braces are available on both sides of the seat. The chair remains strong & shiny for a long duration. The children love the chair and study for long hours by sitting in it.


  • Excellent chair ideal for studying.
  • Strong and long-lasting material used.
  • Easy to handle and easy to carry.


  • The cushion should be of a soft quality.

2. FURNICOM Study Chair

FURNICOM Study Chair

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The chair is made of high-quality materials with molded foam. The fabric upholstery offers comfort to the body by reducing the heat. The rocking mode of the chair allows you to relax during studying. The height of the chair can be adjusted, recline the lever as per the requirement and lock the chair. The ergonomic design of the chair and the armrests made of fiber material gives a polished look to the chair.

The maximum weight capacity of the chair is 100 kg. The chair can be assembled easily without any difficulty. The change in your home also offers complete comfort while sitting and studying or while watching TV. The children will love the look design and the overall appearance of the chair. You will find children sitting in chairs for a long time while studying. The chair brings a positive change in the atmosphere as the family members use the chair for different reasons. The chair is the best suitable for home while studying. It can be ideal for office purposes also.


  • The chair is most comfortable and ideal for studying.
  • The chair can hold any weight and remain stable.
  • The portable chair is easy to move.


  • Packaging needs to be proper.

3. Da URBAN Study Chair

Da URBAN Study Chair 

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The sturdy chair is the most comfortable for students while studying. The chair with an ergonomic back design is most suitable to study for long hours. The chair with an elegant look is made to offer complete relaxation while sitting in the chair. The chair has a professional look and it can fit into your study room or the well-decorated office. The chair is made up of bonded leather having a square-shaped padded back and the padded seat makes it smooth, shiny & comfy.

The chair with 100 kg weight capacity is certified by BIFMA for its quality & durability. You will definitely love the chair and sit for a longtime without getting tired. The chair with a heavy-duty sled base and the wide sled legs remains stable. Non-slip foot pad at the bottom of the chair protects the floor very well. The chair is light in weight and can be moved easily for indoor and outdoor activities. The brown-colored upholstery fits perfectly on the seat and armrest giving the chair a perfect look.


  • A stylish look makes the chair look perfect for an office.
  • You won’t feel tired even after sitting for long.
  • Recognized chairs are available at a reasonable price.


  • Not easily available.

4. RW REST WELL Study Chair without armrest

RW REST WELL Study Chair 

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The ISO certified chair is one of the best study chairs available in the market. The stylish chair is black and is made of strong metal. The material used for the seat is PU foam and it is cushioned with a sponge and iron frame. The chair is designed in such a way that it offers extreme comfort to the users. You will definitely love the look and feel of the chair while you use the chair to study at home during online classes.

The design of the chair is mainly based on the purpose of offering complete leisure to the students while overworking for examinations. It also reduces body pain. The chair allows the students to have better posture while studying for long hours and to have complete relaxation. The ISO-recognized chair is designed to overcome back problems and neck pain issues. You will enjoy the padded backrest, armrests, and the soft feel of the chair while studying for long hours. The chair can hold a weight of up to 130 kg without any issue.


  • The ISO-certified chair is the best deal for you.
  • The good quality chair is available at a reasonable price.
  • The chair makes you work longer without anybody pain


  • The packaging should be made with care.

5. Casa Copenhagen Study Chair with writing pad

Casa Copenhagen Study Chair 

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The Casa Copebhagen study chair is the most suitable while studying for long hours. The students who sit at one place during studying will definitely like this chair. The chair is made of superior quality material that offers a soft cushion for the seat, hands, and back support. The smoothly polished hardwood remains scratch-free and easily foldable. The students find the chair easier to use while sitting in the chair for long hours. The chairs with attached folding pad make it highly useful. The folding pad is easy to use, smooth and stronger while studying for longer. 

The back of the seat is adjustable by small amplitude and can be moved up and down easily. The sturdy wheel casters offer complete support and allow the chair to move in any direction as you wish. The wheels help the chair to slide on the surface easily. The height of the chair can be easily adjusted with the help of a lever and then the chair can be locked. The chair with a smooth surface remains cool and it doesn’t get heated at all.


  • The chair with a back support makes it easy to study for a long.
  • The wheels make it easier to move the chair in any direction.
  • The writing pad is most suitable for studying.


  • The writing pad is smaller.

6. EASYDAY Desk Chair without armrest

EASYDAY Desk Chair

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Do you want to make your children study for long hours? Then you have to change the atmosphere around your home a little. The small changes made today can be effective in the long term tomorrow. The EASYDAY desk chair is a heavy duty and highly comfortable chair. The chair is black in color with a matte finish and looks perfectly decent to be a part of your study room. The chair is compact and made of high-quality engineering wood that makes the chair smooth with padded cushions. The chair is easy to move from one place to another and can be used during indoor and outdoor activities.

The chair can hold a weight up to 150 kg easily. The sturdy chair remains comfortable during long hours of studying. The chair is of superior quality and it has been tested under various conditions. The chair is the most ideal for studying or working for long hours. The chair is easy to clean and can be washed with a damp wet cloth. The chair is available in various colors and can suit your home decorations very well. 


  • The sturdy chair is durable and most convenient for studying.
  • The chair is portable and can be easily used in indoor-outdoor activities.


  • It is available in limited colors. 

7. AB DESIGNS Study Chair

AB DESIGNS Study Chair

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The AB DESIGNS offer the best office chair, study chair, revolving chair, and computer chair which are of superior quality. The study chair is available with many features and it makes it most comfortable to use while studying. The height of the chair can be adjustable easily with an up and down movement system using a handy lever. The chair is made of metal coated with powder and remains scratch-free even after long usage. The seat is made of cushion foam padding with back support and it is the most suitable for studying. 

The heavy-duty chair with a simple mechanism is the most ideal for studying and working for a long duration without feeling tired. The 40-degree foam back support and the hand rest support help you to sit and relax. The twin nylon wheels at the bottom keep the chair in a movement when required and can be adjusted and locked. The chair offers complete relaxation to the body and keeps a person active without body pain. The solid-looking base gives complete stability to the chair. The chair with high-density foam padding remains long and durable. 


  • The high-density foam padding makes it highly useful.
  • The wheels can be used to move around when required. 
  • The chair is comfortable for students while studying.


  • The product takes longer to deliver.

8. GIANTWOOD Wood Study Chairs

GIANTWOOD Wood Study Chairs

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The GIANTWOOD Study Chair looks elegant and can be used for office or home. The chair looks so comfortable and apt for studying. The black-colored executive chair can also be used in the reception for the guests to sit before the meeting. The ergonomic design of the chair that offers back lumbar support is made of pure leather upholstery that is covered with sturdy metal MS 14G frameworks. The chair is black and offers complete support to the back that makes a student feel comfortable while studying for a long time. 

The chairs are wide enough to sit for people up to 100 kg of weight. The chairs are ideal for home decorations, offices, and even shops & parlors. The chair easily gets the attention wherever you place it and it makes a person feel relaxed, physically and mentally. The chairs have become popular among the students, professionals, and others and are in demand today. The entire structure of the chair is based on the working of the spine of the human body to overcome physical constraints. The chair will definitely make you enjoy the fun time.


  • The leather-covered chair looks good and very relaxing while studying.
  • The chair reduces body pain completely.
  • The chair is multipurpose and can be used in homes, offices, and shops too.


  • The height of the chair is low.

9. AlexDaisy Academy Study Chair 

AlexDaisy Academy Study Chair 

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AlexDausy study chair is a nice-looking chair that can hold your attention easily. The black and red combination makes the chair look attractive. The ergonomically designed chair is made of strong iron and having covered with a high-density foam cushion. It makes the chair so comfortable and relaxing while you sit and study. The children will love the appearance of the chair and it will bring a positive change in the atmosphere. The nicely designed mesh allows air to pass and offers back support without getting warm or sweaty. The armrests can be adjusted while sitting and studying.

The foldable chair has a writing board attached to it and it is highly useful while reading books or writing notes for the students. The flat and smooth writing board is easy and of perfect size. The chair is the most suitable for the students of junior or senior classes. The chair offers comfort and allows the children to sit in a correct posture while studying. The chair is easy to assemble and can be folded easily. The chair is the most ideal to be used for studies or used while working on a laptop at home or office.


  • The attractive chair can be used for multiple reasons at home.
  • The chair offers relaxation that students like the most.
  • The writing board is also an advantage.


  • The writing pad is delicate.

10. Deal Dhamaal Visitor Chair 

Deal Dhamaal Visitor Chair 

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The Dear Dhamaal chair looks strong and durable. The chair is designed with mesh fabric which remains strong and lasts longer even in daily usage. The chair offers at most comfort for the students while studying. The medium-sized chairs are suitable for the children to sit for long hours. The entire frame is designed to be chrome coated and having the capacity to hold 120 kg of weight easily. The lightweight chair is easy to handle and can be portable during outdoor activities. 

The chair offers complete support to the body with the help of mesh and net material. It remains air-free and soft. The armrest remains soft and offers complete support while sitting and studying in the chair. The chair can be easily moved from one place to another and you can place it on the balcony while reading a book. The chair is available in black color and it remains scratch-free. The chair can be easily cleaned and maintained at home or the office. 


  • The lightweight chair is most suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • The chair is comfortable and offers complete relaxation while studying.


  • The chair is available in limited colors only.

How To Choose The Best Study Chairs In India

There are several key factors you have to consider when deciding to buy a suitable study chair for you and your family. 

⇒ 1. Decide your budget

It is the most basic factor that you need to consider before you go to the shop. You can make a survey of various available in the market your requirements. There are various brands available in the market offering a wide range of chairs. It will help you to know the range of prices.

2. Type of the chair

You have to decide about the type of chair you are looking for. In every category of chairs, there are several models and you have to make your mind up for the type of chair you buy. The purpose of buying a chair has to be decided first then you can look for other factors.

3. Ergonomically designed chairs

The ergonomically designed chairs are specially designed having a wide range of adjustments for every part of the chair. These types of chairs are expensive. These chairs can be adjusted according to the position, support for the headrest or armrests, the height of the chair, and the movement of the wheels. The chair can be customized according to the user’s body size, shape & personal needs. You should choose according to your requirements while selecting the chair.

4. Lumbar support

You should look for this option particularly while selecting the study chairs. Lumbar support is very essential while sitting in the chair for long hours. You need to position your back in the center of the seat while you study. The lumbar support allows you to have a chair that automatically adjusts the backrest while you keep moving in the chair. The self-adjusting feature is useful but highly expensive. It certainly helps in reducing body pain even after spending a long time in the chair.

5. Warranty

Warranty plays an important role while buying a product from the market. Most of the companies offer a warranty on the chairs, depending on quality, price & company policy. Make sure you get the warranty on the chairs you purchase. The warranty is offered against the manufacturing defects of the product. The date of warranty of the product starts from the date of delivery of the product. You should register online.

6. Reviews

Reviews are a very important factor to be considered while buying a product from the market. Most of the companies offer the products in the market in a wide range of variety. Most of the customers offer detailed information about the products purchased along with the details of the transactions. The reviews help you to know more about various online Companies, available products, and the quality of the prices of the products, and also about the customer care services offered by the company. The reviews will help you to make a better deal after learning from the experiences of other customers.

7. Important points to be noted

Following given points are important while choosing a suitable study chair:

  • The backrest of the chair should be easily adjustable along with the curve in the lower back.
  • The feet should touch the floor comfortably. If the feet don’t touch the floor then adjust the height of the chair.
  • The armrest should make the shoulder relax and remain close to the body.
  • The height of the arms should be matching with the height of the desk. It reduces the strain on the hands and shoulders.
  • The back support always remains at the center of the back. It should be exactly between shoulder blades.
  • The seat of the chair should be wide enough and allow you to sit comfortably with office 4″ of space between the two legs.
  • If the chair is padded with a cushion then the type of cushion that lasts longer is memory foam. So make use of memory foam.
  • The above-given factors are given in detail and it will help you to find the suitable study chair for you and for your family.

Study Chairs Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of a study chair?

Depending on the size, built quality, shape, and brand, the price of a study chair varies. You should expect to invest around Rs 4000 to Rs 8000 on a premium quality ergonomic study chair with a 10-year warranty. If these prices are out of your budget, you can expect to have a bit cheaper chair with fewer ergonomic features.

2. What types of chairs are best for studying for long hours?

Some chairs are simply designed for studying from a practical and anatomic standpoint. The best chair for studying for long hours is mid-back Office Chairs, High back chairs with Neck Rest, Active Sitting Chairs, Forward Tilting Chairs, and Office Chairs with Flip-up Arms. All these chairs support all the major parts of the body and promote accurate posture.

3. How should I sit on a chair while studying?

The accurate posture for studying is when your back is well-supported and is touching the cushion of a chair. You don’t try to lean forward and should sit in a vertical posture. The height of your chair should be adjusted in such a way that your feet are well placed on the floor and you do not keep hanging.

Last Words

The study chairs are the most essential type of chairs that are in demand today. The online classes and the work from home options have changed life and most of the students and the professionals have to start working from home. The study chairs are sturdy and long-lasting. Most of the study chairs have ergonomic designs that help you to make adjustments according to your body requirements and the necessary alterations in the chair to make it more comfortable.

The study chairs are available in various designs, sizes, shapes, and colors. The study chairs have become a part of the homes, offices, and even the other places where people find them easy and comfortable to use. The study tables are designed according to the human body and it helps in offering maximum comfort to the body while sitting in the chair. The chairs bring a positive change among the people and especially among the students. 

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